Meet the Team

Meet the Team

The Children Story Time team includes local Minnesota members and remote members from around the country. Our storytellers, animators, designers and other employees are excited to deliver this innovative tool to children around the world.

Meet the Children Story Time Team!

To create an extraordinary app like Children Story Time whose software is a unique combination of video games, storytelling, and vocabulary-building engagement in 3D gamification format, requires a top-notch team of experts from many different technical and creative areas. From the animation of the characters to the writing of the stories themselves to the creation of the many cool interactive and customizable gamification features, there are a lot of moving pieces that make up Children Story Time. To ensure all the pieces fit together smoothly requires cooperation, communication, and flexibility – which is what the CST team is all about.

Dr. Nicolas Styles
Dr. Nicholas Styles

Founder & CEO

Alex Fielding

Advisory Board

Brandon Mitchell

Asst. Director & Cinematographer

Brianna Osaseri

2D Illustrator

Caitlin Cameron

3D Environment Artist

Christina Huber

3D Animator

Dr. Dan Anderson

Advisory Board

Dan Harris

Head Director & Executive Producer

Joseph Cahoe

3D Character Lead

Levi Jones

co D.R.E.A.M. Team Lead & Lead Graphic Designer

Kevin Corbell

3D Rigger

Jose Baccera

3D Animations Lead

Joanna Mendoza

Head of Visual Development

Greg Swindle

Head of Game Design

Melissa Patino

3D Character Modeler

Mally Watkins

Music Arts Director

Meghan Beebe

3D Animator

Monique Ortiz

Chief People Officer

Pete Murlowski

Advisory Board

Robert Lindberg

Sound Engineer

Ross Clanton

Advisory Board

Patrice Torrez

Producer & Script Writer

Sandy Donaldson

Advisory Board

Tony Vodicka

Digital Media Strategist & Email Specialist

Varun Malhotra

3D Environments Lead