Children Story Time is an educational, entertaining application that provides early childhood learners, parents and caregivers the tools to download and customize culturally inclusive stories. We use the latest technology and innovative game-design elements to engage readers into a 3D storytelling experience. The app provides a better way for parents to interact with children while kids improve reading comprehension skills and understand essential life values through stories.

We want to make a difference

Children of color face a large educational achievement gap. Our mission is to bridge this gap through an educational and fun tool that can be used anywhere at any time, that improves reading and comprehension skills, and that is inviting to use because of its cultural inclusivity.

How It Works

Make reading fun by enabling you to create avatar characters of yourself, family and friends to transport them into traditional and personalized children’s stories. You can change the background illustrative scenes, add diverse music compilations and sound effects, while using your own voice to personalize the stories through narration. Our app provides parents with the opportunity to create stories that are both personal and powerful in delivering impressive results in literacy development.

Meet Ava And JBear

Meet Ava, a strong, sassy, independent seven year old who’s not afraid of a new adventure. Ava and her best friend, J. Bear, take on the world one adventure at a time through imagination and quick-witted collaboration.

J. Bear is Ava’s best friend. He is a magical bear with the ability to transform their world into something extraordinary and enchanting.

Explore new worlds

Your child can explore entire story worlds from in the classroom or at home. Join Ava and JBear as they travel to different lands, such as Bubblegum Kingdom, to learn important life values. Kids will forget that they are developing essential reading skills as they discover exciting worlds filled with new friends.

Delivering results for parents and educators

Coming soon: Parents, educators and caregivers can use Children Story Time to track their child’s reading development. Use our data delivery system to see how much time your child has spent reading. See your child’s grading for metrics such as:

  • Phonics
  • Reading speed
  • Grammar and spelling
  • Vocabulary

Use our app to determine your child’s readiness in reading and watch as they can improve with every story.