Grimm World

Grimm World

What if “happily ever after” could be reversed? Then the wolf would have eaten the Three Little Pigs, one of Cinderella’s wicked stepsisters would have married the prince, Rumpelstiltskin would have kept the baby, and Rapunzel would still be locked in her tower.

Something is not right in Grimm World.

When Ava and J Bear open the Book of Stories, they’re swept into a strange and magical world where all the Grimm fairy tale characters live together. Since their stories ended “Happily ever after,” it should be a peaceful place. But something is wrong.
Why is Little Red Riding Hood even more afraid of the forest? Why did Hansel and Gretel go back to the scary Gingerbread House? Who is now living in Rapunzel’s high tower? Who is the Wise Woman imprisoned in the thorn-guarded cottage? Why are the Seven Dwarfs tunneling for a magical stone box?
These are just a few of the mysteries Ava and J Bear need your help to solve. As you play games, unlock puzzles, and collect rewards, you’ll get closer and closer to the real villain—a character so powerful that even Ava with her Story Pendant might not be able to stop him.
If she fails, every character’s happy ending will turn sad—and Grimm World will be shrouded in darkness. So get ready for adventure. Ava and J Bear are about to open the Book of Stories—all they’re waiting for is you!

Pledge $10 to Children’s Story Time on Kickstarter and you’ll receive...

  • 12 months of free access to Children’s Story Time.
  • 13 interactive stories (a new story will be added each moth).
  • Read-To-Me option narrated by professional voice actors.
  • Dozens of games that are fun, challenging, and educational.
  • Beautifully illustrated picture books of the original fairy tales.
  • eBooks, coloring books, flash cards and other bonus learning materials.
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