The beta release of Children’s Story Time is like a seed, and from that small beginning we plan to grow a vast garden of stories. Here’s a preview of things to come.

Building the Foundation


Children’s Story Time begins with “What if…?” What if stories are real? What if our favorite fairy tale characters continue to live their lives after “Happily ever after”? What if you could enter that story world and interact with those characters? That’s exactly what happens to Ava, our heroine. She finds herself transported into Grimm World where all of Grimm’s fairy tales co-exist.

You can read and interact with the story, play games, solve puzzles, and track down a powerful villain who is determined to reverse every happy ending in every story.

Our beta release has three goals: 1) Establish the story world, which we call “The Book of Stories,” by building one of the 13 stories from Grimm World, 2) Give us an opportunity to learn from parents, teachers, and kids as they play through the story, and 3) Generate the financial support we need to complete the beta and move into full development on Year One.

Year One: Grimm World

JUNE 2020 – JUNE 2021

Something is wrong in Grimm World. A powerful villain is trying to reverse all happy endings—and only Ava can stop the evil plan! With funding in place, we’ll build on the foundation established by the beta. Year One will include:

  • 13 complete stories released monthly. Each story introduces new information, new characters, and new dangers—all building to an epic confrontation with the mysterious villain.
  • Enhanced 3D animation and more intuitive gameplay.
  • Richer 3D settings, immersive audio, and seamless text-to-game integration.
  • Dozens of new games, puzzles, and quizzes that are fun and educational.
  • A fully realized story map connecting Ava’s real world to Grimm World, and offering players quick access to each location.
  • A “read-along” option to help emerging readers, narrated by professional actors.
  • An option to set reading level by grade (from K to 5th) so readers can begin where they are (without feeling frustrated) and progress upward when they’re ready.
  • A reward system where kids can earn “coins” which can be used to buy new outfits, tools, bonus stories, games, and more.
  • A dashboard where kids can check their progress in the game, review the stories they completed, organize their badges, and track the coins they’ve earned,
  • A Parent and Teacher dashboard offering a variety of features, including quiz results (which reflect story comprehension), reading levels, vocabulary, curriculum plans, activities, fairy tale resources, and a lot more.
  • An online library with illustrated picture books featuring many of the original fairy tales, eBooks of each story in Grimm World, coloring books, and original stories as well.
  • New assets uploaded on a regular basis so the game keeps getting better and more immersive as we go along.

Year Two: Anderson World

JUNE 2021 – JUNE 2022

The world of Hans Christian Andersen couldn’t be more different than Grimm World, so get ready for a whole new adventure—plus some great new features!

  • 13 new, immersive stories based on the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen. New characters, new settings and, of course, new villains.
  • As much as we love Ava, we want kids to have more agency in the game. So starting with Year Two, you can choose from a variety of avatars—or use the new Avatar Creator to create a character who looks just like you.
  • Use Word Exchange to play with language in one of two ways:
    • Change an Action: Tap an action word and choose a new action. For example, if the story says, “Ava gave J Bear a high five,” you can exchange “high five” with “thumbs up,” “salute,” “wink,” or “fist bump,” and Ava will perform that action.
    • Change the Environment: Tap a descriptive word to change details in a scene. For example, if the story says, “Outside, Ava heard a sparrow singing,” you can exchange “sparrow” with “crow” or “frog” and both the text and the sound will change.
  • New games and puzzles which give players the opportunity to earn more coins.
  • New assets in the game store, including new mini-story adventures.
  • New additions to the online library, including illustrated picture books of several of Andersen’s tales, eBooks of our own stories, and more coloring books.

Year Three: Wonderland

JUNE 2022 – JUNE 2023

Ava and J Bear are in for their strangest (and funniest) adventure yet! In addition to all the new content, Year Three brings the amazing new Story Changer feature.

  • 13 new stories based on Lewis Carroll’s wonderful Alice books. All the beloved characters are here—and a strange new villain with an even stranger plan.
  • With the new Story Changer, you can change key elements—characters, settings, and even events—and then watch as those changes ripple through the story. Each story can now have multiple paths and a variety of endings. On the surface, this is a lot of fun to play. But underneath, we’re trying to instill a deeper lesson: that children can change their own stories and shape their own lives.
  • New games and puzzles, and new opportunities to earn more coins.
  • New assets and mini-adventures in the game store.
  • New additions to the online library, including illustrated picture books of Wonderland, new eBooks of our own stories, new coloring books, and more.

Years Four and Beyond

JUNE 2023 and Onward

Each year we’ll add a new story world, new games, new puzzles, new assets to the store, new content to the online library—and of course, new features. By Year Four (“The Wizard of Oz World”) we’ll have so much content, you’ll never run out of stories!

Help us get to Phase Two. Pledge $10 on Kickstarter and you’ll receive...

  • 12 months of free access to Children’s Story Time.
  • 13 interactive stories (a new story will be added each moth).
  • Read-To-Me option narrated by professional voice actors.
  • Dozens of games that are fun, challenging, and educational.
  • Beautifully illustrated picture books of the original fairy tales.
  • eBooks, coloring books, flash cards and other bonus learning materials.
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