The Book and the Pendant

The Book and the Pendant
The Book of Stories was born when the power of all our stories, told for thousands of years, merged to create multiple, shared worlds. The Book opens a portal to these worlds—but not just anyone can find the Book, let alone open it… let alone use it.

The Book of Stories

The Book of Stories is a mysterious object! But we do know a few things. First, only a child can enter the Book of Stories. Let’s face it: even the most imaginative and creative grown-ups don’t believe in magic, not really, not deep down. We say we do but we know we don’t. And without that belief, you can’t get through.
Second, the Book of Stories summons a champion from our world whenever the story world is in danger. That only makes sense. After all, we created the stories! But the Book only sends out the call, it doesn’t pick the champion. To be chosen, you have to have…

The Story Pendant

The arrow-shaped pendant can only be found or passed down from generation to generation. Uncle DJ received the pendant from his grandfather and used it to save Grimm World. Now a new danger has arisen and DJ passes the pendant on to his niece, Ava.
The pendant guides Ava to the library where it reveals a secret door. There Ava finds the Book of Stories—and meets the Book’s guardian, J Bear. When clicked into a small round case, the pendant becomes a compass with magical powers. It can protect the wearer from many dangers and provide direction and wisdom as well. At the same time, its power will attract evil characters who crave power—so whoever wears the compass becomes a target!
Eventually, Ava will learn that she can use the Book of Stories to connect to other Books in other parts of the world. This will open up whole new dimensions. She’ll travel into stories she’s never even heard of—and some of the characters from her stories will cross over too.

You can open the Book of Stories by supporting us on Kickstarter. For just $10 you’ll receive...

  • 12 months of free access to Children’s Story Time.
  • 13 interactive stories (a new story will be added each moth).
  • Read-To-Me option narrated by professional voice actors.
  • Dozens of games that are fun, challenging, and educational.
  • Beautifully illustrated picture books of the original fairy tales.
  • eBooks, coloring books, flash cards and other bonus learning materials.