It’s always hard to put a price on something that’s just starting. But we think we’ve found a way to offer an amazing amount of stories, fun, and education—all for just $10.

Our beta test is designed to give you a sense of where we’re going, and our Timeline is a preview of what Children’s Story Time will be when we get there.

Eventually, we’ll offer Children’s Story Time as a subscription. But right now, we need your support to complete Year One, which sets the stage for all the amazing stories and features to come. That’s why we’re offering the first year of Children’s Story Time for only $10.

$10 gives us just enough resources to finish Year One—and it gives you an astounding amount of entertaining and educational content for the price of a couple of lattes!

Support Children’s Story Time on Kickstarter. If you help us get to Year One, we promise to give you years—and we mean years—of stories, games, and learning.