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What is Children Story Time?

Children Story Time begins with a curious premise: what if all the fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm were mashed-up in one world? Little Red Riding Hood would know Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel would know the Three Little Pigs.

And what if their lives continued past “Happily ever after”?

Do the stories stay happy – or will new, dark forces try to take over? Using stories, games, puzzles, and quizzes, Children Story Time introduces a new kind of fair tale adventure.

See the game in action, dive deeper into the game world, or learn about the educational tools and benefits.

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The Book of Stories

Learn more about the Book, the Story Pendant, and Grimm World and discover the dark forces that are trying to destory all happy endings!

Game Walkthrough

We’re on our way to creating an amazing, entertaining, educational, and unique game experience. And like all great journeys, this one begins with a first step.
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Our Process

Right now we’re focusing on phase one: building the foundation.

Though small in comparison to what the game will become, this beta launch gives us the opportunity to test core ideas, interact with kids, parents, and teachers, and gain the support we need to build a rich and immersive story world.

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Create Your Own Story

Create your own story with Ava and Jbear

Play With Friends

Monitored interactions ensure safety and fun with your friends

Customize Your Character

Level up, unlock access to new zones, fun outfits and accessories. Chat with friends!

Teacher Dashboard

Exclusive area for teachers to monitor group of students or individuals.

Parent Dashboard

So parents can see the progress and assist the children accordingly.

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Standard Plan

$19 / month


  • Make your own avatar
  • Customized stories
  • Make your own avatar


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