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Mission & Values


What if “Happily ever after” could be reversed? Then the wolf would have eaten
the Three Little Pigs, one of Cinderella’s wicked stepsisters would have married the prince, Rumpelstiltskin would have kept the baby.”

Dr. Nicholas Styles, Founder & CEO


Our Mission

Children Story Time is an educational, entertaining application that provides early childhood learners, parents and caregivers the tools to download and customize culturally inclusive stories. We use the latest technology and innovative game-design elements to engage readers into a 3D storytelling experience. The app provides a better way for parents to interact with children while kids improve reading comprehension skills and understand essential life values through stories.

Children of color face a large educational achievement gap. Our mission is to bridge this gap through an educational and fun tool that can be used anywhere at any time, that improves reading and comprehension skills, and that is inviting to use because of its cultural inclusivity.

Our Values


We are committed to carrying out our company mission together.


We celebrate the diverse opinions and unique experiences that our team offers.


We communicate truthfully with one another.


We listen to understand and explore our world through others. We speak to share our
understanding of the world with others.


The achievement gap that exists for children color is a complex problem that we can help balance by creating an educational and fun tool to improve reading and comprehension skills that fits into their lives, anyplace, anytime.

If she fails, every character’s happy ending will turn sad—and Grimm World will be shrouded in darkness. So get ready for adventure. Ava and J Bear are about to open the Book of Stories—all they’re waiting for is you!