Meet the Characters

Meet the Characters

Children Story Time begins in a very real and personal way: Ava’s family throws her a birthday party. But the story soon expands into Grimm World where Ava makes many new friends—and enemies. Here are just a few of the characters you’ll meet

Ava is book-smart, independent, curious, funny and—most of all—adventurous. She’s 8-years-old, biracial, small for her age, often puts her hair in pigtails, and loves wearing red. Though a normal kid in many ways, Ava has always dreamed of adventure. Maybe that’s because of all the fantastic bedtime stories Uncle DJ has told her. Or maybe it’s just who she is. Because when the Book of Stories opens a portal into Grimm World, Ava only hesitates a moment before accepting the call to adventure!
Story - Meet Ava

JBear is a guardian of the Book of Stories. He becomes Ava’s mentor, guide and friend as she travels into Grimm World and beyond. J Bear is loyal, caring and, like Ava, courageous. Unlike Ava, however, J Bear believes it’s better to be cautious. He and Ava often disagree on how to handle a dangerous situation, but he always supports Ava’s decisions because he knows that this is her adventure—and the best way for her to grow is to make her own decisions and learn from her own mistakes.

Story - Meet J Bear
Uncle DJ is not only Ava’s favorite Uncle but the best storyteller she ever heard. What Ava doesn’t know (at first, anyway) is that Uncle DJ’s mysterious and fantastical stories aren’t just stories—they’re memories! When he was Ava’s age, DJ traveled through the Book of Stories into Grimm World and helped destroy Jacob Grimm once and for all. So when the Book summons a new hero, DJ knows it’s time for the next generation to step up. He only hopes all those stories helped prepare Ava for the adventures ahead!
Story - Meet DJ

Little Red Riding Hood is more afraid of the forest than even before. Yes, the wolf who tried to eat her is dead (thanks to her friend, the Woodcutter), but now the wolf’s brothers want revenge. Inspired by Ava’s courage, can Red learn to overcome her fears?

An unknown witch has moved into Rapunzel’s tower. Rapunzel is a queen now, living happily ever after in a far-off palace. Why would a witch want to live in that lonely tower, and why has she cursed the forest so nothing will grow, and why at night can you hear her weeping?

The Wolf Brothers want to get even with Red, Grandma, and the Woodcutter—and with those Three Little Pigs too. But when the brothers are approached by a powerful new villain, they agree to but their revenge aside and help with a much bigger—and more terrible—plan.

Angelica is a beautiful deaf girl who has information that could lead Ava and J Bear to the Villains who are threatening Grimm World. But Angelica doesn’t want to get involved. Somehow Ava has to convince Angelica to join the fight even if it means putting her own life at risk.

The Seven Dwarfs miss Snow White. To keep themselves busy, they start a construction company. But when an odd young woman and her bird-like companion hire them to find an enchanted stone box, the dwarfs stumble upon an unexpected and deadly mystery.

The Fox is smart, funny, and has no moral compass. That means he doesn’t care about right and wrong. He’ll help either side, good or bad, as long as the results are entertaining. Unfortunately for Ava, she’ll have to depend on this trickster at a critical moment.

Hansel and Gretel survived the witch and went home to live with their father. But after he passes away, they do something no one expects: they return to the Gingerbread House in the forest. The surprising reason won’t be revealed until Ava and J Bear enter the story.

The Frog Prince survived, and he’s just as selfish as ever. He can change from a frog-faced prince to a frog at will, a skill he uses to sneak around and collect secrets to blackmail people. He claims to have information Ava needs, but his price is a slimy (and some say cursed) kiss.

Rumplestiltskin thought he was being a good guy. Didn’t he give the young woman extra chances to guess his name? When she did, he was so upset he tore himself in half. Now he’s back, stitched together by dark magic. “And this time,” he promises, “no extra chances.”

The Animal King is one of the most mysterious characters in the story. He discovered a special food that gives him the power to talk to wild animals. Some say he became wise, others say he kind of lost his mind. Either way, Ava will need his help to save Grimm World.

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