Grimm World A Closer Look

Grimm World

A Closer Look

We have so many stories to share, let’s take a stroll through Grimm World. There are a lot of teasers and plot hints below, but don’t worry—no real spoilers. We’re just scratching the surface to give you an idea of how exciting, detailed, and unexpected these 13 stories will be.



It’s Ava’s birthday. She knows there’s going to be family and cake, games and presents. But what Ava really wants can’t be put in a box or wrapped up with ribbon. Ava wants an adventure!

Since she was a toddler, her Uncle DJ has told her breathtaking stories about a place called Grimm World: a make-believe land where all the characters from the Grimm’s fairy tales are not only real but have continued to live their lives after “happily ever after”—which means the villains have kept making their plans and witches have kept casting their spells.

How Ava wishes she could visit Grimm World! But of course, it’s all just pretend. Or is it…?

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