Grimm World – A Closer Look

Grimm World – A Closer Look

We have so many stories to share, let’s take a stroll through Grimm World. There are a lot of teasers and plot hints below, but don’t worry—no real spoilers. We’re just scratching the surface to give you an idea of how exciting, detailed, and unexpected these 13 stories will be.

Story - Grimm Closer Look - Birthday


It’s Ava’s birthday. She knows there’s going to be family and cake, games and presents. But what Ava really wants can’t be put in a box or wrapped up with ribbon. Ava wants an adventure!
Since she was a toddler, her Uncle DJ has told her breathtaking stories about a place called Grimm World: a make-believe land where all the characters from the Grimm’s fairy tales are not only real but have continued to live their lives after “happily ever after”—which means the villains have kept making their plans and witches have kept casting their spells.
How Ava wishes she could visit Grimm World! But of course, it’s all just pretend. Or is it…?
Story - Grimm Closer Look - Ava the Red


After receiving the Story Pendant from Uncle DJ, Ava meets J Bear, a guardian of the Book of Stories. J Bear shows Ava how to open the Book—and before she knows it, Ava is transported to Grimm World!
She meets Little Red Riding Hood who is more afraid of the forest than ever. It turns out, the wolf’s brothers want revenge and are waiting for her in the dark woods. Ava, protected by the Story Pendant, offers to take Red’s basket to Grandmother’s house.
She has no idea what she’s getting herself into! There are Dark Villains at work in Grimm World, villains who want to reverse all good endings and cancel “happily ever after.” To fulfill their evil plan, they need the power of Ava’s Story Pendant—and they’ll do anything to get it.
Story - Grimm Closer Look - Dwarves


The Seven Dwarfs try to move on with their lives now that Snow White lives at the palace. To keep themselves busy, they start a construction and mining business.
One day they’re hired by a mysterious young woman to find a stone box with gold hinges and a diamond lid. The box, an heirloom of the girl’s family, was lost when a cave collapsed. The Dwarfs dig deep into the mountain and find the cave—which is now inhabited by goblins!
Ava and J Bear arrive just in time to help. But they soon discover that the goblins are the least of their worries. There’s a much bigger danger waiting for anyone who finds the stone box.
Story - Grimm Closer Look - Gingerbread


Ava and J Bear return to the Book of Stories and enter the Old Forest. Everyone knows that a terrible Witch lives here. She has set magical traps for any who dare trespass in her forest.
Ava and J Bear enter, confront the magical traps, and finally reach the Witch’s gingerbread house—but when the door opens, it’s not a witch—it’s Hansel and Gretel, and wow, have they changed!
Meanwhile, as Ava struggles to uncover the mystery of the gingerbread house, the Dark Villains have sent an old enemy after Ava, an enemy determined to get revenge and steal her Story Pendant.
Story - Grimm Closer Look - Frog


Ava and J Bear return to Grimm World, determined to track down the Dark Villains and restore peace once and for all—but who are the Villains? Where are they? Ava’s not even sure who to trust anymore.
So when the Frog Prince swears to reveal the Villains’ secret in exchange for a kiss, Ava has a decision to make! She and J Bear will also have to deal with the strangest king she’s ever met, a king whose subjects are all animals. As if that wasn’t enough, Ava encounters a new threat: a pair of wicked stepsisters from a very familiar fairy tale.
Ava may not know who the Villains are, but they sure have plenty of help!
Story - Grimm Closer Look - Witch


Ava and J Bear now believe there’s only one Villain, and Rumpelstiltskin is his name! Ava is confident she can defeat him, sure of the pendant’s power and her own courage. But no matter how hard she and J Bear search the forest, they can’t find Rumpelstiltskin’s secret hideout.
Lost in the woods, on the verge of starvation, Ava meets three very unusual Bears who offer to help but demand a very high price.
Finally, Ava and J Bear approach Rumpelstiltskin’s hideout—only to be captured by a witch. She flies them over the forest to a secret valley. In that valley, Ava sees a tall tower with no doors and only one window. For the first time since entering Grimm World, Ava is truly afraid.
Story - Grimm Closer Look - Fox

STORIES 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 AND 13...

We’d love to tell you more—and give you more tantalizing hints! But at this point, the story gets so exciting and involves so many characters, that we can’t even talk about it without giving away major spoilers. Trust us. It’s going to be amazing!

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