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Educational Benefits

We are artists and writers, coders and builders, parents and teachers, working together to create stories that entertain, educate and transform.
Children Story Time Ava

You already know that educational games can improve literacy skills. But did you know that reading stories can create empathy and kindness too?

Children Story Time is the perfect app to help your child develop critical reading skills. Here’s a look at some advanced features that are coming in 2020.

Stories and Quizzes for Different Grade Levels

Are you worried about the stories being too easy or too hard? These stories are just right! Each story and quiz will be crafted to for different reading levels. Vocabulary, sentence structure, and content will be designed to meet your reader’s needs and challenge them to grow.

Audiobook Option

Since the stories will be written to challenge your reader, they may want support with their reading. All stories will be narrated by professional voice actors to help the stories come alive and provide a read-along option.

Word Exchange Program

Stories are the most meaningful when we help to write them. Let your child take ownership by helping to craft the stories! Your reader can expand their vocabulary by switching out new words as they read the stories. Your child will create powerful connections between words, and learn how word choice can change the tone and sometimes the message!

The Story Changer

Readers engage with stories best when they feel a connection to the characters. Our story customization feature allows your reader to change features of the characters and settings to better reflect their own choices and preferences!

Phonics Mini-Games

Does your child struggle to sound out words? Do they have a hard time with new words? Learning phonics can be hard and time consuming. It takes the average student at least 17 exposures to learn a new pattern. Thankfully, these mini games won’t feel like work! Your reader will play fun mini-games to support their developing phonics skills as they progress through the stories.

Parent and Teacher Dashboard

Want to make sure your child is getting the most out of their reading practice? Our parent and teacher dashboard will feature data about your reader’s progress. You can access quiz scores, phonics skills, and reading levels. Get ready to watch and celebrate your reader’s progress!


Just because your reader is practicing with an app doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy these stories together! Each time your reader completes a story, you will receive a notification email and a copy of our complementary ebooks. The story on the app is written for your child to read independently, but the ebooks are perfect for your to enjoy together!